Mediering af nysgerrighed

 Mediation of search for challenges, novelty and complexity and coping with them

Meeting a challenge means being ready to be involved not only in a familiar area, in things which I am used to engage in, but also in newer and more complex areas of activity. There are cultures which are careful to remove?? such challenges from the young person, but in our culture, the rapid and sharp changes which are an inseparable part of it, do not enable a person to adapt unless he meets the challenge of the novelty.

A challenge is, in its essence, distant from us. We mentioned the element of distance in connection with the mediation of transcendence and of achieving goals, and we need it again since meeting a challenge is accompanied by distancing, by relating to something that does not yet exist, in investing now in order to receive outcomes in a future which can also be very far off.

The mediation of challenging behavior must represent a goal in all the programs that seek to increase the adaptability?? of the individual to changes and complexities of our world. The individual is required today to cope with complex tasks, the like of which he has never before experienced. Answers such as "I didn't hear" "I didn't learn' or "I have never performed such a task" are unacceptable in situations of constant change. The readiness to learn and move from known situations to the unknown, the tendency to confront challenging novelty and complexity and not to give up, are essential for our adaptation?/ and the mediational interaction plays an important role in their realization.

The most effective way to foster challenging behavior?? is to encourage parents and other carers/minders?? to avoid overly protecting the individual in non-dangerous situations. Differences observed in the reactions of individuals to new food, new clothes and new demands, indicate their different mediation source??. One of the significant differences that exist between cultures is manifested by the way in which the individual is required to meet challenges.


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