Mediering af tilhørsforhold

 Mediation of a sense of belonging

The importance of mediation of a sense of belonging varies from culture to culture. Modern Western societies lay stress on the rights of the individual and limit his readiness to give them up in return for belonging to a broader entity?? Traditional societies tend to give preference to the sense of belonging, and prepare the individual to surrender a large part of his freedom and the expression of his individualism in exchange for belonging to his reference group.??

The phenomenon of alienation, which we can discern over the recent decades in western or "westernized" societies, is closely connected to the isolation of the nuclear family from wider social units, to which it is slated to belong?? Form this isolation there derive cognitive defects, together with many emotional and social defects. Belonging to the nuclear family alone, without connection to the broader family, means - a lack of connection with the vertical family??, the inter-generational, of our lives, the one which creates continuity beyond time and place. The mediation to the sense of belonging is particularly important in the period in which the isolated nuclear offers very limited security from the standpoint of its stability as a framework.


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