Mediering af søgen efter optimistiske alternativer

 Mediation of an optimistic alternative

There are people who, when faced by different possibilities chose the pessimistic possibility, and if they have chosen iota-it will eventually be realized??

Pessimism, occasionally, has a magic goal; we await then worst of all in order not to" giving the Devil a chance to harm us you!"?? or to defend oneself from disappointment. The choice of a pessimistic alternative induces passivity in the one who chooses it "In any case I don't have any chance of this, so it's not worthwhile for me to invest effort/ to make the effort." On the other hand, the choice of an optimistic alternative, from knowing that it is possible, creates in a person an impulse to mobilize the means and the forces required of him in order to realize it.

We begin to mediate to a child the search for an optimistic alternative at an early stage of his development, when we bring him to the expectation of positive outcomes. The search for an optimistic alternative creates in a human being a tendency of reinforcing his alloplasticity defense mechanism- and increases in particular his readiness to attack environmental factors that threaten bis physical and mental equilibrium, and enables him thereby to develop the cognitive strategies that are at the root of the big solutions which he creates.


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