Mediering af målbevidsthed

 Mediation of goal seeking, goal setting, and goal achieving The presence of a goal in the individual's mental repertoire reflects the beginning of a representative modality ?/ of thinking. The mediator presents to the mediatee goals, whose achieving grows increasingly distant from him, demands the rejection of gratifications, and creates tension between the volition- the need, and meeting it. Meeting the need is set as a goal distant in time and place. The possibility of living not in what exists but in what is desirable- in the potential, in the anticipated, and the ability to set goals that are situated in the distance, are what causes the human being to use abstract forms of thinking, the imagination, in the representation of what is not yet in existence.

In setting ourselves goals as mediators, and in gradually distancing them from the mediate, we contribute to the softening?? of the needs and impulses that demand immediate satisfaction. Subsequently, this process has an extremely important role in the structuring of high thinking operations, which characterize, in fact, the human intelligence. The ability to select goals, to prefer certain goals over others, to set a goal and the means required for its achieving, these are all abilities which the mediator creates in the mediatee, and thereby enables him to attain higher levels if functioning.

The ability to set a distant goal and to invest in plans and actions in order to achieve it, in spite of the fact that it will be achieved only in the future, is what creates a transcendental value in it??.

An example of this can be found in the story of the old man who plants a carob tree. A passerby asks him "Why are you planting that tree? You surely know that you will not manage to eat its fruits, because that tree will only produce fruit in another seventy years." The old man answers, "Yes, I know, but if my parents had not done what I am doing today I would not have been able to eat carobs,"


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