IE træner 1

This is an advanced course offered to IE practitioners who in the past have been trained in all 14 IE instruments and have applied all of them in the classroom or in individual treatment. Applicants should submit a Portfolio of IE program implementation and a letter of recommendation from the local Authorized Training Center.

Participants will take part in the interactive course sessions including:

 Analysis of IE tasks and the didactics of teacher training;

 Detection of students’ cognitive functions during IE lessons;

 Techniques of observation and evaluation of IE interactions on the basis of MLE criteria;

 Cognitive analysis of content lesson;

 Didactics of training teachers in "bridging" IE principles to various academic areas;

 Observation and analysis of IE-1 training sessions;

 Didactics of teaching theoretical aspects of MLE and IE;

 Simulation of training sessions and analysis;

 Quality assurance in IE training.

Graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of Trainers-1 Course Attendance.




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