Maarten Horst

2009-01-23 22:36

Maarten Horst (28), from Zeeland in the Netherlands, first met Prof. Feuerstein while on a visit to the Hague in 1993. Maarten claimed to be interested in chemistry and quantum physics, which the Professor felt was accessible to him although he had been diagnosed with PDD and suspended from school. After spending some time at ICELP for assessment and initial treatment, he was referred for therapy to psychologist Marian Vriend at the Feuerstein Centrum in Amsterdam. He was often invited back to Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, Maarten “made history” with the highest-ever score in the LPAD. He returned to Flushing High School, which he completed cum laude in 1998, and then began his studies at the local teachers’ training college. After participating in the International Workshops at Zandvoort in the Netherlands in 2002, he came to ICELP to work with children for 6 months. He is now volunteering at ICELP again, assessing children, as well as giving computer and music instruction. He is also learning Hebrew in ulpan, and plans to work at the Center permanently.


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