LPAD - B (forskolebørn)

2012-04-08 18:57

Admission to this workshop is limited to those previously trained in LPAD-1 or in IE-Basic program. Candidates for the LPAD-B course are required to submit two assessment protocols based on the use of LPAD-1 tools or a portfolio of implementation of IE Basic instruments.

 The LPAD-B training model includes the principles and techniques of using a battery of tasks intended for pre-school children or children with severe developmental delay.

 The LPAD-B battery includes the following sub-tests:


Part-Whole; Functional Part-Whole; Concept Formation by inclusion and by elimination; Inferential Thinking, Progressions; Picture Sequence, Puzzles; Spatial Orientation; Complex Figure, Mazes, Human Figure Drawing, Associative Recall; Visual Transport, Reversal Test.

The course includes small-group assessment of young children and report writing


Graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of LPAD-B Course Attendance.


Course Code: LPAB 003

 Course participants will receive an LPAD-Basic assessment manual, a set of LPAD-B tasks and recording forms, and a CD with theoretical material and bibliography of LPAD studies.

 Graduates of the LPAD Basic course who wish to receive accreditation as an "LPAD-B Assessor" are required to submit six LPAD-B reports.



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