Liat Kaufman Isascharoff

2009-01-23 22:35

Liat Kaufman Isascharoff (30), an industrial engineer was taking a class on organizational behavior at the Hebrew University’s School of Business Administration towards her Ph.D. degree, when she collapsed. She was rushed to Hadassah hospital, where she underwent brain surgery by Dr. José Cohen. This left her with severe limitations of functions related to the left side of the brain. The Rehabilitation Center at the Mount Scopus Hadassah Hospital could not handle: she could not read, and had major problems with concentration and spatial orientation. She has been coming to ICELP for 6 months, where she is taught IE. Her ability to move around is much improved and she has already returned to one class at the university.
“Other rehabilitation centers leave people at a very basic level. ICELP could help all CVA victims,” said Liat, who believes she will soon recover more fully, with the Center’s help.


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