Hvad er forskellen...

2009-10-17 23:35

Are not the teachers, all of them, "full-time mediators?"

We shall examine the differences between the two forms of interaction- the J mediational one and the "teaching"?? one, as if they were dichotomic, in spite off the fact that in practice, we can find elements of the two in each one of them, in different quantities.

1. The mediator (II) stations himself between the stimulus (S) and the response (R) in such a way that, on the one hand, he gives the learner tools to cope with the stimulus, and on the other hand- he designs the stimulus so that it will enabfc the learner to cope with it gradually (for example, by gradually raising the level of difficulty of the task or regulating the quantity of data presented to the learner). In contrast to him, the teacher stations himself, frequently, in the learner's place and answers in his stead, in order to demonstrate to him, as it were, how he should cope with the stimulus.

The mediational interaction is designed to increase the learning ability, the modifiability of the learner. The teaching, on the other hand, aims at transmitting to him as many skills and as much knowledge and information as possible, as a rule in specific content areas.


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