ADHD/ADD behandling med Tactile IE

2012-04-08 20:09


The objective of this course is to introduce educators, psychologists, clinical professionals and parents to a new multi-sensory approach (Touch-Motion-Sound) in Instrumental Enrichment tactile programs and demonstrate the advantages of the kinesthetic and tactile modality of mediation in Mediated Learning Experience.

This innovative tactile version of the IE program is based on a combination of unique technology, new original design and classical IE concepts.

The course includes the following topics:

 Multi-sensory approach (Touch-Motion-Sound) in IE tactile programs. Advantages of kinesthetic and tactile modality of mediation in MLE

 Demonstration of tactile exploration as a tool for focusing, organizing and ordering the explorative process in ADHD, ADD and visually impaired learners.

 Tactile IE as a new tool for articulating active explorative behavior in children with motivational problems;

 Tactile IE symbolic representation as a tool for advancing mental imagery and conceptualization.

 Cognitive and motivational aspects of learning processes in children and adults with ADHD, ADD and visual problems.

"Instrumental Enrichment Tactile" includes tasks in such domains as analytic perception, comparisons, classification, orientation in space and time, etc. The program is based on Feuerstein’s theory of mediated learning experience and structural cognitive modifiability. Specially designed tasks using microcapsule paper and tactile exploratory skills make IE Tactile suitable for learners with perceptual and attention problems. Although the program was initially developed for children, it has been proven to be suitable for adult learners with attention and learning difficulties or visual impairment. The training process includes frontal lectures, seminars and hands-on workshop activity with IE Tactile materials. The participants learn the technique and didactics of using the IE Tactile with various populations of learners.

Graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of IE-Tactile Course Attendance


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